Current Team

RJ Schoen - Freshman - Hometown: Casper, WY

RJ is an incoming freshman to the MSU campus, attending on the STARR Scholarship, studying at James Madison College with a double major in journalism. They had a speech focused career in high school, winning three state championships in their time in Wyoming. They are excited to learn more about colligate debate from MSU peers and coaches.

Maddie VanZant - Senior - Hometown: Rockford, MI

Maddie is from Rockford Michigan, and was on the debate team and captained her high school team. She is in her third and final year of college getting a degree in psychology with an additional degree in HDFS as well as two minors in human behavior and social services as well as religious studies. This is her last year at Michigan State University and will be graduating in the spring of 2022.

Theo Van Hof - Sophmore - Hometown: Okemos, MI

Theo is a sophomore in the James Madison College where he is majoring in Political Theory and Constitutional Democray. In high school, Theo debated for two years at Okemos High School where he now coaches. Theo hopes to do something either in the legal or the political fields post college or a mixture of both.

Alison Weber - Senior - Hometown: Blissfield, MI

Alison is a senior in the College of Social Science majoring in Anthropology. Alison plans on getting her Ph.D. in Anthropology focusing in Forensic Anthropology and Stable Isotope Analysis. Alison debated for 3 years at Blissfield High School.

Mitchell Scott - Sophmore - Hometown: Tulsa, OK

Mitchell is a sophomore who plans on studying computer science. He debated 4 years at Riverfield Country Day School in Tulsa, OK.

Wajeeha Kamal - Sophmore - Hometown: Bloomingdale, IL

Wajeeha is a sophomore pursuing a Dual Master of Arts in Journalism in the School of Communication Arts and Sciences, while majoring in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy and minoring in History. She is part of the Honors College. She is from Illinois and plans on attending law school.

Tony Miklovis - Freshman - Hometown: Northbrook, IL

Tony is an incoming freshman who plans on majoring in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy and minoring in Economics at the James Madison Residential College on a pre-law track. He is from Northbrook, Illinois, where he debated for Glenbrook North High School and finished as a TOC semifinalist in high school.

Ephraim Bennett - Freshman - Hometown: Lincolnwood, IL

Ephraim is a freshman majoring in computer science. He comes from Lincolnwood, IL and debated at Niles West High School where he was captain for two years.

Nate Glancy - Senior - Hometown: Chicago, IL

Nathan is a rising senior who transferred here in the fall of 2020 and is pursuing a B.S in Economics. He was the 2018 Illinois State Champion in policy debate as well as the champion of the Greenhill Fall Classic and the Pinecrest Round Robin. At MSU Nate qualified to the NDT and was one of three MSU teams to sweep the district tournament. Nate debated at Niles West in high school and Trinity University before MSU.

Piper Meloche - Senior - Hometown: Beverly Hills, MI

Piper is a fourth year student double majoring in Social Relations and Policy and Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy. Piper is a member of the Honors College and plans on attending law school after graduation. She's from Beverly Hills, Michigan and debated for four years at Wylie E. Groves High School.

Nolan Hooper - Junior - Hometown: Rockford, MI

Nolan is a junior majoring in material science engineering. He comes from Rockford where he debated at the high school level on the China, education, and immigration topics.

David Koster - Sophmore - Hometown: Wichita, KS

David is a sophomore majoring in Political Science-Prelaw and Economics. He is a member of the MSU Honors College and a Social Science Scholar. As a freshaman, he qualified to the National Debate Tournament. In high school, he debated at Trinity Academy in Wichita, KS where he captained the team and took seventh at NSDA nationals.

Eva Farber - Junior - Hometown: Northbrook, IL

Eva is junior majoring in Economics and Public Policy. She's from Chicago and debated at Glenbrook North High school where she was a TOC semi-finalist.

Cam Nofsinger - Freshman - Chicago, IL

Cam is a freshman on the team majoring in English. Cam debated for Lane Tech High School were she qualified for the Tournament of Champions.