Middle School Debate Tournament Invitation

Tournament Details

Saturday, April 18, 2015 @ Michigan State University in East Lansing


Events: This tournament offers 4 rounds of team debate and 2 rounds of performance events (Original Prose/Poetry, Oral Interp, Improvisation) to students in 4th-8th grades. We’ll do 5 min speech times unless the day starts late for weather or something like that.


Entering the Tournament:Anyone can field a team at no cost. It could be a classroom group, an ad hoc club at or near a school, a traditional after-school club, etc. Please just let Shawn Batt know in advance if you are coming (to help avoid surprise room shortages). Please use this online ENTRY FORM. Please do this as soon as is practical on the week of the tournament to facilitate preparation. Email shawnbatt@gmail.com with questions or changes. Call by phone with any emergencies or last minute changes; Shawn 734-531-9209.


Directions: The General Assembly (G.A.) will be in Wells Hall room B117 at Michigan State University. Please allow time for parking and walking to the building. Wells Hall is right in the middle of campus, on the South shore of the river and just across the street to the East of the stadium. If you exit Trowbridge off the 496/127 freeway you just keep going East on that street until it turns North and becomes Red Cedar. Then, when you see the stadium on the left, Wells Hall will be on the right. Pay attention to parking signs; there should be free parking available, but there will be some parking that is restricted.


Food: There may be food sales, but plan to bring your own or have someone sent out early on the take out errand. There is limited time for any trips away from the building, so don’t plan to be that person if you are judging. 




9:00 am = Participant Check-In and Judges’ Briefing for Debate

9:15 am = Last call for debate; pairing begins.

9:30 am = Debate Round 1 

11:00 am = Debate Round 2 (power matched if possible)


1:00 pm = Debate Round 3 (power matched)

1:45 pm = Last call for performance check in

2:15 pm = Performance Events Round 1

3:15 pm = Debate Round 4 (power matched)

4:30 pm =  Performance Events Round 2

5:30 pm = Awards and Goodbyes


Each round will be posted in the General Assembly area. Participants are required to remain in the GA when not in competition rooms (please, no wandering around). Students must be present at least 15 minutes before their first round in order to participate. Have flexible plans in case the tournament runs a bit late.


Rules, Judging, and Other Matters: Please be sure you have relevant rules/procedures documents from our website at: http://michiganspeechoutreach.pbworks.com. Judges must read the instructions, ballots, and rules on the website and have a free and confidential background check done for each school year. Contact Shawn Batt at shawnbatt@gmail.com to get an authorization form or to provide the certification if you get it done through the school district. Please make an effort to recruit judges early and have them do orientation in advance. Tournament helpers can always be used too, so send willing parents my way if they want to help but are shy of judging. 


Debate Proposition:  The DREAM Act should Become a Reality