What safety provisions are there in the dorm?

The SDI takes the safety and security of students on campus very seriously. Among a number of protocols in place are the following:

  • The camp has a 10-11-12 system at night. At 10pm, all students must be in the Residence Hall. At 11pm, students must be on their floor for individual bed-check. At 12am, students must stay in their room for 'lights out'.
  • At 10 p.m., the building doors are locked and all entering persons must be checked in through a desk receptionist. 
  • The SDI staffs the residence halls with an on-site office, including an office manager from 7am to 3am every night. MSU staffs the Residence Hall 24/7.
  • Students are given a building access card at check-in. The only way to access stairs, elevators, and living quarters is with this access card. Only dorm personnel and residents of the dorm will have access to these cards.
  • Built in safety provisions of the MSU campus also support the safety of its summer programs, such as nighttime path lighting, emergency phones, emergency blue light trails, and a university police station nearby for quick response.
  • All staff members working at the camp undergo a yearly Criminal Background Check, including a check against the Sex Offender Registry, conducted by MSU Human Resources.
  • All staff members responsible for driving a vehicle undergo a year Driving Record check, conducted by MSU Risk Assessment
  • The camp has boundaries, which limit student travel to an approved area of campus. When outside the Residence Hall, students are required to travel in groups of 2 or more (the 'buddy system').

If you have any questions about this or other aspects of camp procedure, please email us at debate@msu.edu.