SDI 2 Week Session

Two Week Institute


June 28, 2020 - July 10, 2020


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Why Choose the Two Week SDI?

The SDI 2 Institute is designed to provide some of the highest value debate instruction available anywhere in the country. With lab groups available for debaters of all skill levels, this institute presents what we believe are the best instructional opportunities in a more compact format.

Features include:

  • Early Practice Debates: students receive a packet of evidence at registration, allowing them to begin simulated debates the very first day their labs meet. Every student will receive debates and instructor-led speaking opportunities.
  • End-of-Institute Tournaments: each session ends with a tournament, giving students the opportunity to prepare for real competition under the instruction and supervision of their experienced lab leaders
  • Wide-ranging Topic Instruction: our innovative curriculum doesn't cut any corners or focus on a single type of topic or argument. With a curriculum designed to educate students on all styles of argument and debates, students will get the preparation they need for success in today's wide-ranging debate world.

The SDI recommends the 2-week session for any students who have no previous experience with policy debate (i.e. "pre-novices"). The program is also great for students with previous debate experience, including highly experienced debaters. Depending upon demand, we may run specialized pre-novice breakout programs, so recommend that students with no previous policy debate experience start here.

Flexible Schedule - The online instruction allow students to more easily fit debate camp into their busy summer schedules

Affordable - The per week cost of the camp is MUCH more affordable than traditional brick and mortar camps. Students receive over four weeks of instruction priced at $750.

New to debate? At the SDI, we base our curriculum on our students' needs - which means we recognize the necessity of offering a distinct program for students without prior debate experience. If you are interested in this program, please fill out the standard two-week application and indicate under debate experience that you are new to our activity!