SDI 4 Week Session

Four Week Institute

Priced as low as $2000*

June 28, 2020 - July 24, 2020


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Why Choose the Four Week SDI?

Exceptional Faculty - Four week staff are among the most sought after debate institute instructors in the nation. Simply put, they are incredible debate thinkers and teachers dedicated to providing the most fun and educational experience possible. Students have the opportunity to work with Will Repko, three-time NDT winning coach at Michigan State, Marge Strong, NDT semi-finalist, Abby Schirmer, director of Pace Academy Debate, Erik Mathis, AUDL coach, and Ezra Serrins, 3 time NDT qualifier at MSU.

Lab Ratios Are Excellent - Some institutes place students in lab groups of 32-40 with only two or three instructors. At the SDI, we’re committed to maintaining a student to staff ratio of 8:1.

More Actual Debates and Rebuttal Redos - By providing four-week students with a packet of evidence at registration or beforehand, practice debates and speeches will begin within the first day or two of the camp. The four-week session will include multiple judged tournaments for relaxed, yet structured, opportunities for students to gain direct feedback. Four-week students will typically leave the SDI having participated in at least eighteen practice debates. Each student will also typically participate in several rebuttal redo sessions where they will have the opportunity to immediately integrate coaching advice by re-giving speeches from earlier practice debates.

The online platform also allows students to work remotely with a wide array of current and former debate professionals. Students at the 2019 SDI received online instruction and feedback from many former debaters now in the professional space:

-          Michael Horowitz, professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania – 2000 NDT Champion

-          Aaron Hardy, National Debate Coaches Association – NDT semi-finalist

-          Alyssa Resar, Research Fellow at Weatherhead Center for International Affairs – multi-year TOC attendee

-          Jack Caporal, associate fellow with the Scholl Chair in International Business at CSIS – multi-year NDT elimination round participant

Individualized Curriculum - Many workshops have moved labs toward a heavy research focus and away from targeted instruction. The online format allow students to move at their own pace with personalized feedback from instructors. The best way to prepare against advanced strategy is to repeatedly simulate debating them and students in the Spartan Scholars will doing speaking activities daily.

Flexible Schedule - The online instruction allow students to more easily fit debate camp into their busy summer schedules

Affordable - The per week cost of the camp is MUCH more affordable than traditional brick and mortar camps. Students receive over four weeks of instruction priced as low as $2000.

Students who apply before April 5th receive an early application discount of $150 for a total tuition of $2000. Students who apply after the early application deadline will have a tuition of $2150.

Personal Skills Development - We have a heavy emphasis on individual debating and skills development, not just mass lectures. One unique part of this approach is a technique called "co-teaching" where students become an active part of the learning environment by directly participating in the lab instruction of some particular topics.


*Price: as low as $2000 (deposits by April 6th)

$2150 if deposit paid after April 6th