Online Sample Day

**This is a sample day from the 2020 SDI which was hosted online. The idea is for you to get a sense of scheduling, types of content, and structure for a typical day. This is the Spartan Scholars schedule from June 27, 2020.

June 27, 2020

Daily Schedule

Sample Schedule

Mental Preparation

Featured Quotations

1. “We are products of what we do on a daily basis. If you want to make a long-term change, start by changing one thing you do daily.”
— Lauren Abarca Johnson, Mental Conditioning Coach with the New York Yankees

2. “Small wins. One-step forward. 1 percent better. Tiny executions. Little adjustments. These things done consistently will help you create your own wave.”
— Justin Su’a, Major League Mental Skills Coach for the Tampa Bay Rays

3. “In every field, what separates those who sustain excellence from those who don’t is repeatedly asking: What’s the one thing I can do better?”
— Adam Grant, Organizational Psychologist at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania

4. “If you want to be unstoppable, first you have to be aware of what’s currently stopping you. What’s getting in the way? What’s holding you back from going all in? What do you need to start doing that you’ve been putting off? You can’t change something you’re not aware of.”
— Lauren Abarca Johnson, Mental Conditioning Coach with the New York Yankees

5. “An outlier isn’t built over night. It’s one habit at a time, one change, one moment, one day. If each moment is handled with focus, passion, drive and accountability, sweat equity is built. No one can take that away. This moment builds the outlier.”
— Ceci Clark, Mental Performance Coach with the Cleveland Indians

Increase Your Impact Podcast

Episode 334: One Thing

Daily Reflection

You’ve made it through about twelve percent of the Spartan Scholars program. For some of you, the initial burst of adrenaline and positive energy that you experienced at the beginning of camp is starting to wear off. This is to be expected, but it means you have reached a fork in the road: will you take your foot off the pedal and accept mediocrity, or will you rededicate yourself to fully embracing the challenge of a rigorous summer debate program?

Spend some time reflecting on what you’ve learned so far and how well you’ve met the challenge of bringing your best self to each day’s activities. Are you proud of the work you've done up to this point? If you feel good about your effort level, how can you maintain it as the daily grind keeps wearing you down?

If you don't feel so good about your effort level, think about why you feel that way. Have some of your plans for self-improvement already started to deteriorate? Have you allowed yourself to make excuses for giving less than your best effort? Are you feeling overwhelmed by how much you need to learn? Are you struggling to figure out what to prioritize? These feelings are typical and reasonable. There is a lot to learn, and it can often feel like you’ll never be able to learn it all. That’s okay.

Read today’s five quotations again. Which one resonates most deeply with you? Why?

Regardless of how you’re feeling, your task for today is to figure out one thing that you know you need to improve. Then, figure out how you’re going to improve it. Finally, work on improving it every day. If you repeat this process tomorrow and the next day and the day after that, etc. — identifying one thing to improve and committing to improve it every single day — you’ll be amazed at how much progress you will make. Don’t wait another day. What’s stopping you from being unstoppable? What’s the one change you’re going to make today?

Asynchronous Videos

Introduction to Elections: Part One

Introduction to Elections: Part Two

States CP Demo: Carly Debates Herself

Speech Set Up

Use this file (2020-06-27 States CP Speech Setup.docx) to prepare your speech. Instructions are provided at the top of the document. Use your phone or webcam to video record yourself delivering the speech, and submit your recording and your speech document here by 7:00pm Eastern on Saturday, June 27th.

Speaking Workout

This speaking workout should be completed individually. It includes three components found here

  1. Tongue Twisters — read all of the yellow highlighting. These tongue twisters challenge your enunciation and pronunciation skills and will help you warm up.
  2. The Chaos Drill — read all of the yellow highlighting. “The Chaos” is a poem by Gerard Nolst Trenité written in 1920 to demonstrate the difficulty of learning English. It is an excellent text to practice reading because it requires intense focus and impeccable pronunciation/enunciation to finish it accurately.
  3. Dynamic Highlighting Drill — for each card, read the tag and short citation as per usual. You should then read the highlighted part of the card text that corresponds to the color of the highlighting of the short citation. If the short citation is highlighted in yellow, for example, you should read the yellow highlighting; if the short citation is highlighted in green, you should read the green highlighting. If it is highlighted in more than one color, read both of the highlighted colors. This exercise requires you to maintain focus and alertness and requires more mental energy to accurately process the text.

 Enrichment (Optional)

Video: "Coronavirus VIII: Prisons & Jails: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" (18:32)

Video: "Outbreak at San Quentin: COVID Is Skyrocketing in CA Prisons. Why Haven’t More People Been Released?" (Democracy Now!) (8:54)

Podcast: Justice In America — "Episode 9: How Democrats and Republicans Created Mass Incarceration" (September 19, 2018) (48:53)

Podcast: FiveThirtyEight Politics — "Views Of BLM Have Shifted. What Happens Next?" (June 15, 2020)(53:10)

Podcast: The Daily — "The Voters Trump Is Losing" (June 25, 2020) (26:29)

Reading: Biden vs. Trump: Who’s the Actual Criminal Justice Reformer? (2020)