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MSU Debate Once Again in the Top 16

Michigan State University Debate made another appearance in the top 16 at a major national tournament last weekend hosted by the University of Kentucky. MSU Debaters in a group outside

Joanna Gusis, a political theory and constitutional democracy sophomore in the Honors College, and Tony Miklovis, a social relations and policy and international relations junior in the Honors College, reached the octafinals round at the J.W. Patterson Debates.

With wins over Emory University, Wake Forest University, the University of Minnesota, and the University of West Georgia in the preliminary debates, Gusis and Miklovis entered the elimination debates as the ninth overall seed out of over 100 entries.

In the round of 32, Gusis and Miklovis were set to debate another team from MSU – David Koster, a political science and economics senior in the Honors College, and Stephen Lewis, a journalism freshman. When two teams from the same school are set to debate, the higher seeded pair advances without debating.

This is the second top 16 finish for Gusis and Miklovis at the first two tournaments of the year.

“Tony and Joanna are having an incredible opening to the season,” said Will Repko, MSU Debate Head Coach. “They’ve had some awesome wins against talented teams and we’re excited for the rest of the season.”

Koster and Lewis entered the elimination debates as the 24 seed after wins over Baylor University, the University of Iowa, the University of Kansas, and Wichita State University.

MSU had a third team in elimination debates. Ephraim Bennett, a computer science junior, and Blaine Montford, a political science freshman in the Honors College, bested teams from Georgetown University, Wake Forest University, and the University of Minnesota to end up as the 28 seed.

“Having three teams in elimination debates is a huge accomplishment for the team. We were close at the Northwestern tournament, but you can see the hard work paying off with this result,” said Repko.

MSU was also represented at the tournament by Mitchell Scott, economics senior, Zaria Jarman, James Madison College freshman, Aadit Agrahara, political theory and constitutional democracy sophomore, Miaomiao Zi, interdisciplinary humanities and English concentration in creative writing sophomore, Glen Scully, computer science sophomore, Hina Shehzad, James Madison College Freshman, Arielle Gearring, political theory and constitutional democracy sophomore, and Alex Bitzan, a freshman who hasn’t declared a major.

MSU Debate will next debate at the Wayne State George Ziegelmueller Invitational hosted by Wayne State University.

The MSU Debate Team is part of the Honors College.

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