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Spartan Debate Institute Archive

Evidence and Instruction

2022 SDI - NATO Emerging Tech


2022 – Evidence


Introduction to NATO: Part 1 – Maggie Berthiaume

Introduction to NATO: Part 2 – Maggie Berthiaume

Introduction to Topic Terms – Bruce Najor

Demo Debate

AFF: (1A) Joanna Gusis & (2A) Piper Meloche

NEG: (1N) Hanna Rice & (2N) Aaron Gill

Demo Debate Video

2020 SDI - Criminal Justice Reform


2020 – Evidence


CJR Topic Lecture: Part One – Maggie Berthiaume

CJR Topic Lecture: Part Two

CJR Topic Lecture: Part Three

Decarceration Affirmative Discussion – Bill Batterman & Will Repko

Elections Interview: Part One – Carly Watson & Bruce Najor

Elections Interview: Part Two

Kritik Introduction: Part 1 – Ben Hagwood

Kritik Introduction: Part 2

Kritik Introduction: Part 3.1

Kritik Introduction: Part 3.2

Demo Debate

AFF: (1A) Marge Strong & (2A) Eva Farber

NEG: (1N) Ezra Serrins & (2N) Nate Glancy

Demo Debate Video


Spartan Scholars

2020 SDI - Spartan Scholars Preview

Militarism Kritik – Will Repko

Innovating Your Affirmative – Carly Watson

Security Kritik and Realism – Will Repko

End of Season Tournament Prep – Marge Strong and Carly Watson

Answering Extreme Impact Turns – Will Repko

2019 SDI - Arms Sales


2019 – Evidence


Arms Sales Topic Lecture – Maggie Berthiaume

Opening Packet Lecture – Will Repko

Politics Lecture – Tyler Thur

Kritik Lecture – Erik Mathis

Research Lecture – Bruce Najor

Demo Debate</strong

AFF: (1A) Sam Grimsley & (2A) Nate Glancey

NEG: (1N) Marge Strong & (2N) Tyler Thur

1AC — 1NC — 2AC — 2NC — 1NR — 1AR — 2NR — 2AR


Speaking Practice

2018 SDI - Immigration


2018 – Evidence


Immigration Topic Lecture – Maggie Berthiaume

Opening Packet Lecture – Will Repko

Critical Debate Lecture – Will Jensen

Kritik Seminar: Part One – Bee Smale

Kritik Seminar: Part Two

Race and Immigration: Part One – Chris Randall

Race and Immigration: Part Two

Demo Debate

AFF: (1A) Teja Leburu & (2A) Lauren Pepper

NEG: (1N) Bee Smale & (2N) Sam Grimsley

Demo Debate Video: Part One

Demo Debate Video: Part Two

2016 SDI - China Engagement


2016 – Evidence


China Topic Lecture – Maggie Berthiaume

Opening Packet Lecture – Will Repko

Critical Approaches to the Topic – Erik Mathis

Kritik Seminar – Ryan Galloway

Race and Discourse Lecture – Chris Randall

2015 SDI - Domestic Surveillance

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